Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What am I doing?

I mean really. I am on my 2nd vial of HCG and am .3 less than my pre-load weight. Who am I kidding here?


Christy in Seattle said...

What's your mood about this? Frustrated or accepting?

helderheid said...

Both, actually. I just don't want to kid myself, you know? If this really isn't going to work, I'd like to end it after the minimum days. Some itty bitty part of me thinks I still have a shot of losing 5 or so pounds and that would be thrilling... I just don't want to kid myself.

lavenderdiva said...

I think you are 5 days away from the minimum amount of time needed for this round. Why don't you end it after that, and see how much you lose between now and then? If you don't lose the 5lbs by then, you can either begin a new round later, or think about whether your body has reached its ideal weight? I know this has been a VERY challenging round for you in so many ways. You've had a lot pulling at you emotionally.

I don't think you're kidding yourself. You're trying to figure out what your body is saying, and its confusing.