Tuesday, October 6, 2009

VLCD day 3

I'm dosing as I type.

I will no longer weigh myself in the night (I tend to wake up at 4 no matter what and then go back to sleep). I weighed in at 126.5 at 4 in the morning. A GAIN?? I told myself not to panic and to weigh in when I woke up to truly compare to yesterday. 124.6. PHEW. Down a pound. I am now 1.2 over my pre-load weight, but down 2.1 from my post load weight.

I am experiencing slight hunger throughout the day that is non-existent as soon as I have a meal or a snack. Absolutely manageable. The vegetables really quash my appetite. I eat a LOT of veggies. I found in the first round that the grissini/melba toast made me crave so I eliminated it. I make up for those calories with my veggies. I also learned spinach made me unbelievably ill in the amounts I needed to eat to make up the calories. I lost BIG those days, but it wasn't worth being up all night with rolling cramps and in the bathroom (sorry if that was TMI). So, I stick to asparagus (grilled) and cucumbers in organic apple cider vinegar. I generally stick with chicken for my protein with the occasional white fish, and of course for my fruit, the sorbet never gets old!

VLCD day 3 - 124.6 (-2.1 from load weight, +1.2 pre-load weight)


lavenderdiva said...

good progress today! you're down a pound!! I think you're right: don't weigh yourself until morning, when whatever goes on in your metabolism has settled down and your weight will be reflected more accurately.

I'm glad to hear your hunger is at a manageable level. I'm still including the grissini as my breakfast with 1/4 of an apple and a cup of hot tea. It helps get me over the hump until lunch. I haven't noticed any unusual cravings from it yet.

You're doing great!!

helderheid said...

Thanks! I can't tell you how much it means to me to have your support!

I seem to manage without anything but tea, coffee, and water until about 11:30 and then I need to work on my lunch which lasts between the chicken and cucumber about and hour and a half. I'm not hungry again for another hour and a half and then I get my sorbet... mmmm!! that carries me to dinner and then around 7 or 8 I have my sorbet again. I can't complain!

lavenderdiva said...

how do you prepare your chicken? I haven't branched out to include cucumbers in my repertoire just yet, as they really aren't on my list of favorites! There are so few veggies on the approved list that I will actually eat, I'm concerned about getting bored. Did you find it OK to sort of eat the same things repeatedly in your previous rounds? Have you tried green beans or broccolini? Some people on the forum included them without gains, but I don't want to stray too far from the protocol.

You've been so successful in getting to this point, and I feel so lucky to have you as my HCG buddy!

helderheid said...

I'm so grateful too, lavenderdiva!

I have a George Foreman grill that I LOVE. Couldn't live without it. I have my 100 gram portions all pre-measured and ready to go. I throw them on the grill with either bragg's amino acids sprayed on them or garlic salt and grill for 7 minutes.

I'm not one to get bored with the same thing over and over. I may branch out if I get bored. I have an HCG cookbook. I read some recipe for cream of chicken soup made with celery and chicken and broth made from the chicken that is pureed that sounds divine. I'm a huge soup fan and it's getting cold!