Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wackadoo, wackadoo, wackadoo, wackadooooo

OK, this morning was just nuts.

I weighed in yesterday after 2 VLCDs at 124.6, -2.1 since loading, but still 1.1 over my pre-load weight.

I know I'm close to my goal weight, but when I weighed in this morning at 125.8, I simply COULD NOT believe it. I scoured the house for new batteries, and promptly replaced them. I went one more go. 124. Better. Still super slow. Still above my pre-load weight, but not heart attack inducing. I then made absolutely sure I had my scale in place where I'd had it before (my floor is not completely level so I have to set 122.8. Hmmm. Okay. Walked away. Walked back and tried again. 122.8. Okay, let's try one more time and THIS time, whatever it is, I will take the number most consistent. 122.7.

I don't know, kids! Given the protocol I'm on, 125.8 is simply unbelievable, especially at this stage of the game. 124 could be believable. 122.8 seems far more likely.

I'm taking it. I'll be especially curious about tomorrow's weigh in. Think releasing thoughts.

Release, release, release...

VLCD day 4 122.8 (-1.8 overnight (YEA!!) -.6 from pre-load weight)


Christy in Seattle said...

For home scales, there IS generally a two-pound margin of error, according to my scale manufacturer's website.

helderheid said...

I can believe it. I've never seen such wild fluctuations with this one before. I noticed it flicked off mid weigh in yesterday. I'm hoping I'm right about the batteries!

Caitlin Murphy said...

Oh, thank you! I thought you had to go 23 days not 21 days. I don't know where I got that? But thank you so much for the clarification! I think I will keep on going then... much thanks, again! :) Have a great day tomorrow!

helderheid said...

No worries! I think you got confused because the 21 days plus the 72 hours is essentially 23 days since you can start P3 on right at that 72 mark. :)