Friday, October 9, 2009

Born Under a Wanderin' Star Part Deux

Ok, so as I said, my childhood was not a typical one. People asked me all the time if I was in the military. My response was, "No, the circus.". I loved our circus. I love my family, and even with all the moving and adventures, they were my one constant. That was my rock. We had each other, and we had a blast.

I'd never known anything other than this. Even when I married for the first time, we were still part of that circus, all working and moving together. My first marriage didn't last long (2 years, half the time separated - I married way too young), and the company dissolved, but my family and I threw in together and we went on.

I met my husband 11.5 years ago in a video chat room. As I mentioned, he was in Holland, where he is from, and I was living in a small town in Utah. We weren't looking for one another. I happened to spend time in Europe, Holland for a week among other countries, when I was 16. We just ended up chatting. He was in a long term committed relationship and I was just beginning to date a guy I briefly went to school with in California in the 5th grade, and again in the 7th in Washington (he had a similar upbringing, and it was a total coincidence we ended up in the same 2 states, cities, and schools at the same time). Nothing serious, but again, I wasn't looking. That relationship never really took off, and around the same time, my husband's relationship ended suddenly. We spent time chatting and consoling one another. It was just a few months later I realized I was falling and falling hard for this guy. We arranged to meet. I flew to Holland and the moment I set eyes on him, realized this man would be my husband, we'd have 2 children, a boy and a girl in that order, and I knew their names.

We dated 9 months long distantly and then he came to meet me in the States. I'd since moved form Utah (of course) to New Mexico. We took a couple weeks to do a road trip across the Southwest. He met my parents. We made plans to commit.

Since I was pretty loose as far as work went and he had a good job in Holland, I moved out there. He got us a corner apartment with huge windows and made sure it had a tub for me. He knew how much I loved my baths and they are rare out there. He did absolutely everything he could to make sure I was comfortable, right down to making sure I did the decorating. It was one of the most exciting things I'd ever done. We played a lot. Spent weekends walking through the various villages, getting coffee at little cafes sitting on the terraces, and spending weekend nights at Het Oude Pothuys listening to live music, him with a beer and me with my wine. We had a lot of fun, spending time with his family, and his friends, whom I adored. I did experience a lot of home sickness, but not for the U.S. per say, but for my family. I missed my parents terribly. Still, I was enjoying my Dutch classes, my time with him, and our life.

More to come...thanks again...


Christy in Seattle said...

Looking forward to the rest of your story!

helderheid said...

Thanks Christy! I'll leak it all out here eventually. :)