Saturday, October 3, 2009

End of day 2 loading. Last glass of wine for a while.

I managed 2300 calories today. It doesn't sound like a lot, I know, but of that is 220 grams of fat and I heard 200+ was the goal. I stuck to heavy whipping cream, cheese off a slice of pizza and a cup of fondu cheese. Now, I'm enjoying my wine. I won't enjoy it again until November 1.

I feel disgusting, though not as disgusting as yesterday. I woke up feeling disgusting and I know it sounds odd, but I hope I wake up feeling disgusting too. Makes the first VLCD doable.

I went to Costco today and bought enough chicken and halibut to get me through to Oct 17. I weighed it all out and bagged each meal. Left enough in the fridge to get me through to the 7th, and the rest is in the freezer. I also bought my frozen strawberries and a bag of lemons for my sorbet (recipe to come), and asparagus and lots of cucumbers. I'm ready.

Goodbye 120s, hello 112!

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