Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VLCD #24 - 121.7 (120.9 on the old scale) - down .5 from yesterday

Still up .5 from a few days ago.

I added the protein shake, but I only had one other portion of protein. I think some part of me is really scared about adding more calories in the off chance that I could, in fact, get to the 110s. I have about 12 days left of hcg but can stop at anytime now. I am getting markedly more hungry. I really think I should be having 3 protein portions at this point.

My mom, who as you know is one of my best friends, read all of the insights I put down here last night. She had a good thought. We know a psychic here in town who is by far the most intuitive we've ever come across. She's called it almost every time (she does phone consultations, by the way) and mom suggested I may want to take all of these insights to her and have a reading. It may be just what I need to focus that energy in such a way that I will feel confident when bringing it to my husband.

So, I'll work on the letter, and I'll make an appointment with her. Perhaps for the full moon if I can. That seems quite appropriate.


Christy in Seattle said...

Best of luck with that. Sometimes, we just need confirmation of what we already guess. It's ok to be scared. Add the protein. Shake your body up a little bit. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but at least you will have tried something new, right?

helderheid said...

Thanks Christy. That's exactly why I'm going to see her. I think it will clarify what I know and perhaps get me focused to do and say what I need to.

I'm cooking an extra portion of my chicken as I type! :) I'll let you know how it goes. I'm hungry, no doubt about it.

chipmunck said...

That is cool! I think intuitive people like that can help.