Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm hungrier than last round but not as bad as my first.

I can stand it but I'm not liking how quickly after eating today I found myself thinking of what I could eat next. It will get better, I'm sure.

I'm awfully curious as to what tomorrow may bring.

And now for a little Garfield minus Garfield...

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lavenderdiva said...

Wackadoo day is right! My goodness, what a day you've had! I'd definitely go with the lower weight that your scale finally settled on. I'm betting you are going to get a nice surprise tomorrow morning when you weigh.

Are you doing 125iu's SL this round? Do you think if you did 150iu's it would help with your hunger? Do you have lifecaps? I've been taking 1 in the mornings, just to help get me through the day easily.

I'm believing for a great day for you tomorrow!!