Thursday, October 8, 2009


To get an idea of where I came from and where I'm going to (which is actually full circle as where I'm going to was where I came from before my hormones decided to lose their collective minds), here are some pictures.

First, me at my heaviest - 169ish:

Here I am now:

Here I am at 111 pounds - this was 3 months after I had my son and right before the pounds came on when my menstrual cycle returned:

Me on my wedding day 114 pounds (10 years ago as of the 17th!)


lavenderdiva said...

you're gorgeous! Now and then! I know we all have a preconceived idea in our minds as to what we should weigh and how we will look AT that weight. However, I firmly believe that this protocol re-shapes us for the better. I think we can actually look thinner at a higher weight than perhaps we would settle on, on our own.

When I look at your pictures, I see a beautiful young woman, with an enviable figure. Personally, I do not see a smidge of difference in your 'Now' pictures, and your wedding pictures!

Keep on doing the protocol for 23 days and see where your weight settles. Like you tell me, 'Listen to your body'. It will tell you where it wants to be. While the number on the scale may say one thing, your body appears much slimmer. Allowing your body decide on what 'number' it wants to weigh, will ultimately make for the stabilization you are seeking.

those are just my thoughts, for what they're worth! hugs.

helderheid said...

Thanks so much for everything you've said!

I truly am at peace with myself. Even if I don't lose anymore weight, that's not a problem so long as this time I reset properly and I give my liver the break and healing it needs. I wouldn't have done this round had it not been for the fact that I became carb sensitive again and needed to properly reset again. Christy in Seattle wanted to see what 112 looked like on me as that seemed so low a weight, so I dug up old pictures. :)

Sounds like you're back on track! I'm anxious to hear how it goes for you tomorrow!!

:hugs: :)

Anonymous said...

You are so tiny! You look like a pixie. I really like the shorter hair in your wedding picture. I'm glad to hear you are at peace with where you are at allows you to focus on other things and not be diet stressed. I'm trying to reach this point.

helderheid said...

Autumn Rose, YOU are so tiny! I can't believe you don't see that about yourself! You're as tiny as I was at 111-114 from the pictures I've seen. :) Did you post pictures of your new hair cut yet??

nikkispower said...

It's wonderful to have a system where we are actually losing abnormal fat -- the reshaping is awesome!

Your pictures are so inspirational. I was 109 when I was in my 20's but I'm only shooting for 115 as my final weight.

Thanks for sharing.

Miss Mary said...

How encouraging to see. I was going to take my pictures but my husband had my camera. So tommorow I will. You are just beautiful. Congratulations.

helderheid said...

Thanks so much Miss Mary!

helderheid said...

Thanks Nikki!!