Friday, October 30, 2009

VLCD #27 - 2 new pimples and up .5

I'm craving chocolate in the worst way, as well as red meat. I'm planning a steak day for day one of my P3 just because I have my mouth SET for a filet mignon! PMS anyone?

So, 122 today. Day 27, and 122. Pre-load weight 123.4.

What have I accomplished though has been invaluable.

It has been a fantastic pattern interrupt. Some habits that needed breaking got the break they needed. I've been supporting my stressed out liver with great supplements and hope the next blood test has good news on that front.

I've faced some truths about myself and my family that I absolutely needed to face.

I've discovered some neglected corners in my soul that needed the light shown on them. I also had an ah-ha about my relationship with my natural father and realized he truly didn't mean to do this to me. It wasn't his intention to shape my world in such a twisted way and to make me feel the need to hide everything. He just did it. I'm not sure why that was such an important thing to realize, but it was. It removed any power he may have had in that area of my life. I'm not sure if I'm making sense. I hope I am.

All that aside, I measured myself the other day and though I barely lost anything this round, I did lose inches. I'll report official totals when I have my husband help me with it, but it looks like an inch off my bust (didn't know I had an inch to go!), a couple off my waist, and a couple off my thighs. Like I said though, I'll wait until he measures me as I am notorious for messing that up!

Thanks everyone. :)


Christy in Seattle said...

If you're craving chocolate, you more than likely need magnesium!

The losing inches thing is pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

How you made the famous Coco Bark made with coconut oil? That could help with your chocolate craving. Hang in there and enjoy the P3 eats!

nikkispower said...

You sound so free. Congratulations!

helderheid said...

Thanks all! Not quite P3 yet. Today is my planned last dose day. :)

lavenderdiva said...

sounds like classic PMS to me- pimples and chocolate cravings get me every month too! argghhhhh.

Autumn Rose has a good idea with the chocolate delights made with coconut oil. Have you tried those? I haven't made them yet, but after reading the yahoo forum, they sound scrumptious.

Even though this round has been quite an emotional roller-coaster for you, I think you have emerged stronger and more empowered than you were before. I know its been frustrating and disheartening, but the realizations you have come to, in the long run will be well worth it.


helderheid said...

Hey Lavenderdiva!

I've not tried those but I avoid coconut oil until P3 which I'm not quite at. I need to look up that recipe. I'd LOVE something to curb my craving and chocolate stevia ain't cutting it! I'll add more magnesium as Christy suggests though.

I am so grateful for your friendship!