Saturday, October 3, 2009

Food hangover

I feel YUCKY. I loaded on pizza, cream puffs, cream, ice cream, milk shake, and chips. I'm miserable and I'm not doing that today! Today it's cheese, cream, avocados, cheese, cream, cheese and more cheese. I may throw a steak in there too. I am avoiding carbs today. Sugar doesn't agree with me. It makes me almost instantly ill and makes me panicky.

I need to go to Costco today and get my VLCD supplies. Cucumbers, asparagus, chicken breasts, frozen strawberries, lemons, and sparkly water.

Oct. 3 weight: 125.6 (+2.2)


lavenderdiva said...

boy, you're doing great on loading! Day 2 and you're up 2.2lbs! fantastic. You're going to have a great P2-

I've been loading for 2 days and am up 1.0lbs. :( I am eating everything in sight, and am SO stuffed, but apparently I'm STILL not eating enough. My stomach is distended; I don't know how I can eat any more. I've been eating cheese, cream, scrambled eggs with cream cooked in butter, bacon, popeye's chicken, creme brulee, full-fat ice cream, cheese pizza with extra cheese, hot chocolate made with whole milk and cream. You'd think I'd have gained more than 1.0lbs by now! I've still got today to load, so hopefully today will really pack a whollup!

I was thinking this morning about your nervousness about this round, and here's what I wonder-- perhaps your nervousness is due to your being so very close to your goal weight. Sometimes when we are so close to our dream or our goal, we get very nervous over actually attaining it. While dreaming the dream, we are doing all sorts of things to reach it and make it real. Once we get it, now what? That can make us nervous. I believe the answer is to dream new dreams. You will have quite the sense of accomplishment after this round, and will feel so good about yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to!

I don't know if that makes any sense, but I believe in you-

helderheid said...

Oh you're doing GREAT!! Don't worry about the 1 pound gain. Last 2 rounds I gained one day and actually lost the next and then gained a little. I am actually hoping that is the case with this round too. Eggs cooked in butter sounds good...

I do know what you mean. I think you're right, too. I feel too that this is going to be a very emotional ride. I've been hiding for a very long time and now is the time for me to step out of the shadows, away from secrecy and fear and to truly live my life as who I am. That can be a very scary thing to do, but I'm ready. My father told me you have to want peace and spirituality as much as a man with his hair on fire wants a lake. I'm at that point. :)

So glad you're doing this with me! Have you started your blog?

lavenderdiva said...

yes, thanks to your encouragement, I've started my blog. I will admit that I've never done anything like this before, and was quite tentative about doing so. But, with dh's encouragement and yours, I've begun: