Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VLCD day #17 - 123.3

- .1 from my pre-load weight and a number I am much more comfortable with than 125. My other scale that lost its mind is now pretty consistent again, weighing about a half pound less than the new one. I'm logging the higher weight.

My headache is all but gone. HAPPY DANCE! The ones I get aren't so bad that I'm bed ridden, but bad enough that it affects everything I do. I have to move slooooowly which certainly doesn't help cleaning and sorting.

Because I used to move every 6 months or so, it forced me to sort before each move. I never held on to anything that I hadn't touched for 6 months, unless is was seasonal. 2 years ago, I pretended I was moving while sorting my kitchen and I ended up with bags and bags of stuff that was either donated or thrown out depending on its condition.

As you all know, I'm restless as all get out so I plan on taking each room and packing as if I'm moving, only instead of into boxes, it will be piles - ones that stay and get re-organized and the others that go. I wanted to start Monday but I felt so awful I couldn't manage. Today is the day. I'm going to blast music and make a good first stab at it. First the living room and the kitchen and then my office, and then I'll attack the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. It will probably take a couple weeks to do a proper job but it must be done. I am housecleaning my soul and body, and it's time to do the same with my surroundings. The energy is stagnant and it's TIME to get it FLOWING and GLOWING again!


Christy in Seattle said...

Good for you! Glad you're feeling better!

lavenderdiva said...

-1.7lbs WOOHOO!!! That's just terrific! AND no more migraines!! I'm glad you were able to start your organizing project today. Now, if you would really like a challenge of sorting and organizing, you are welcome to come to Houston, TX ANYTIME!!!