Monday, October 12, 2009

VLCD #9... #9.... #9...

UP .4 pounds at 121.8. Not panicked. If I keep this up (gain a little, lose a lot) I'll STILL get close to my "goal".

I fell into the salt yesterday which could have a lot to do with this. I also drank a lot of water, so who knows. Who CARES! It will be what it will be. 2.5 weeks to go. Surely, I'll hit the 100 teens and that would THRILL me.

Last round was my roller coaster round. This one I've decided to call my teeter totter round.

I need a lot more coffee to write anything more of any interest. I'll check in later.

VLCD #9 - 121.8 (+.4 from yesterday, - 1.6 from pre-load weight, -4.9 post load weight, +9.8 from "goal")


nikkispower said...

That's the way I find I'm looking at this. There's really no need to panic or feel bad about weight gain--the issue is to NOT let things get too out of hand. And even then there's so many things to do to get back on track.

I really enjoyed your post.

Christy in Seattle said...

For you to lose 1-1/2 lbs in one day at YOUR tiny weight, well, I'm not surprised that you didn't lose anymore yesterday.

Bet you will lose more in the next day or two, though!

So, how's the munchkin?

Caitlin Murphy said...

Hey! I just wanted to leave you a comment as I have just recently caught up on all of your new posts. Thank you so much for sharing- great story and the pictures of how you have changed is amazing! You are a beautiful person!

Hope you guys are on the mend and look forward to more chapters to the story! :)

lavenderdiva said...

I think christening this round your 'teeter-totter round' is very apropos! Glad to hear you've allowed your body to just 'be'. You'll realize losses that will surprise you yet, I feel. Just letting go, and not stressing over the numbers, especially about reaching a certain number, is probably the best approach. You are so close to what your body feels is its ideal weight, and it will let you know where it wants to be. By listening to it, I'm sure your maintenance of this weight will be quite easy as well.

How is your little guy doing? I'm looking forward to reading more about your story-

helderheid said...

Thank you all for the kind comments!I've been away from the computer. I heard from the doctor and my son came back NEGATIVE for the swine flu! YES! He also seems to have completely recovered. I may keep him back one more day to be on the safe side though.

Again, thanks for the feedback and support!!