Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VLCD #23 122.2


I'm adding protein. A Jay Robb protein shake, to be precise. 1 scoop of plain unsweetened egg white protein powder, a dropper full of chocolate flavored stevia and 100 grams of frozen strawberries. Deeeeeeeeelish. Totally bites my hunger. 130ish cals.

I'm completely uninspired to write but I wanted to report in.

Off to get ready for my day... dental cleaning, oh JOY!

OH, I almost forgot! I bought knee high black high heel boots - I'll share soon! WEE!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Oh Oh I bought black knee high boots, too!!! Also, I bought ankle boots in black and brown from Cold Water Creek I fell in love with them...but back to the knee high boots. I bought them to wear with longer skirts. I've gone mad for skirts,too. I love the fall/winter look of knee high boots and skirts.

Christy in Seattle said...

Are they the zippy kind? If so, I'm totally envious, because even when I'm thin my calves are too muscular for them! Wanna see pics! :) Enjoy that new body and all the hard work you put into it!

helderheid said...

Thanks !! Just posted pics. Christy, I can BAAAAAARELY zip these puppies on. My calves are I think 14.25"

AR, I want to see! I need the ankle ones too. Wearing the tall ones with my jeans seems silly!