Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A gain 2 days in a row? Are you freakin' kidding me? Tetering UP

I've not had my coffee, so this will be uber short.

I weighed in at 122. That's up .2 from yesterday. That's up .6 from the day before. I am exactly 10 pounds from 112 (ha - like I'll see that number... and I really don't care anymore. I think I'll quit referencing it altogether). I have 2.2 weeks to go.

Symptoms? I have a few.

2 huge "underground" zits on my chin that huuuuuuuuurt.
Sore breasts.
A temper you don't want to feel the wrath of.

What I don't have is a uterus so I can't say "Ah-HA! It's my cycle!" but I'm fairly certain I can say that sans uterus.

I've got my first cup coffee. I'm going to wake up, grumble a bit, and take the girl to school.

The FANTASTIC news is I heard from the doctor and my son doesn't have the dreaded H1N1 virus. He did have a nasty virus that mimicked it, but it seems it vacated his body yesterday. I'm keeping him home one more day to let his immune system recover, and then he's back in school tomorrow.

Thanks for the support, all of you.

VLCD #10 +.2, - 1.4 from pre-load weight (friggen a week and a half ago), - 4.7 from post load weight)


Christy in Seattle said...

Aww. That has to be really discouraging! Just try to remember how far you've come ... and P&I *does* say that weight loss will get really slow once you've lost all your abnormal fat.

Anonymous said...

Christy is right and weight los really slows the closer you get to goal. I'm under the 10 lb mark from my goal weight and bouncing between 2 lbs. I understand your frustrations! Glad to hear your little one is doing better and heading back to school soon. Take Care.

nikkispower said...

Whoa! I feel you, but I tell you what? I wish I weighed 122 lbs. right now -- no kidding!

Great to hear that your little guy is recovering.

"Farmer" Elaine said...

I just found your blog... and yes, you've come so far. Don't be discouraged at all! Christy said it all, remember the diet reshapes you... that's why it's called "...and inches." :)

Congratulations - looking forward to reading more tonight.

lavenderdiva said...

what on earth could be going on? My first thought after reading your post today, was has she checked her measurements lately? See if you haven't lost any inches. It is 'Pounds AND Inches'!

I can't imagine your frustration. BUT you have come SOOOOO far, and you are SOOOOO close to your goal. Stay focused, you only have a couple more weeks to go. You will be proud of yourself to stay the course.