Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bought a new scale

I wish it had a back light. It was the only one that weighed in .1 pound increments so I bought it. Weight Watchers/Conaire brand. I've moved the other into my kids' bathroom so tomorrow I will compare. Should be interesting.

I've been at the VLCD part now for 12 days and my jeans fit just as they did before I started. I am statistically at a "normal" weight. Could be I won't lose this round. It will still give me the much needed pattern interrupt.

If I don't lose more, I'll do what Dr. S suggests as well as Christy in Seattle. P&I suggests one you have nothing more to lose, to up the calories to between 800-1000. If I do that, I'll also start exercising again. I may do that anyway, at least yoga.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day (at least for me). :)

PS - A couple of you have asked if I might be pregnant. Unless the Universe untied my tubes and returned my uterus, that isn't the case. :)


lavenderdiva said...

You sound better today! I'm so glad you found a scale that measures in .1lb increments. Where did you find it?

I am still believing that your weight stall/gains are due to your TOM hormonal change issues. However, I would also agree that you are very close to your goal weight. Can you give it another week, just to see if your weight comes down after the TOM issues subside?

I am really enjoying learning more about your story...

helderheid said...

I agree - I won't cut the calories unless I continue not to lose and my breasts no longer hurt!